Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 32


1) The C# keyword .int. maps to which .NET type?

1. System.Int16

2. System.Int32

3. System.Int64

4. System.Int128


2) Which of these string definitions will prevent escaping on

backslashes in C#?

1. string s = #.n Test string.;

2. string s = ..n Test string.;

3. string s = @.n Test string.;

4. string s = .n Test string.;


3) Which of these statements correctly declares a two-dimensional

array in C#?

1. int[,] myArray;

2. int[][] myArray;

3. int[2] myArray;

4. System.Array[2] myArray;


4) If a method is marked as protected internal who can access it?

1. Classes that are both in the same assembly and derived from the

declaring class.

2. Only methods that are in the same class as the method in question.

3. Internal methods can be only be called using reflection.

4. Classes within the same assembly, and classes derived from

the declaring class.


5) What is boxing?

a) Encapsulating an object in a value type.

b) Encapsulating a copy of an object in a value type.

c) Encapsulating a value type in an object.

d) Encapsulating a copy of a value type in an object.


6) What compiler switch creates an xml file from the xml comments

in the files in an assembly?

1. /text

2. /doc

3. /xml

4. /help


7) What is a satellite Assembly?

1. A peripheral assembly designed to monitor permissions requests from

an application.

2. Any DLL file used by an EXE file.

3. An assembly containing localized resources for another


4. An assembly designed to alter the appearance or .skin. of an



8) What is a delegate?

1. A strongly typed function pointer.

2. A light weight thread or process that can call a single method.

3. A reference to an object in a different process.

4. An inter-process message channel.


9) How does assembly versioning in .NET prevent DLL Hell?

1. The runtime checks to see that only one version of an assembly is on

the machine at any one time.

2. .NET allows assemblies to specify the name AND the version of

any assemblies they need to run.

3. The compiler offers compile time checking for backward compatibility.

4. It doesn’t.


10) Which Gang of Four design pattern is shown below?

public class A {

private A instance;

private A() {



static A Instance {

get {

if ( A == null )

A = new A();

return instance;




1. Factory

2. Abstract Factory

3. Singleton

4. Builder


11) In the NUnit test framework, which attribute must adorn a test

class in order for it to be picked up by the NUnit GUI?

1. TestAttribute

2. TestClassAttribute

3. TestFixtureAttribute

4. NUnitTestClassAttribute


12) Which of the following operations can you NOT perform on an

ADO.NET DataSet?

1. A DataSet can be synchronised with the database.

2. A DataSet can be synchronised with a RecordSet.

3. A DataSet can be converted to XML.

4. You can infer the schema from a DataSet.


13) In Object Oriented Programming, how would you describe


1. The conversion of one type of object to another.

2. The runtime resolution of method calls.

3. The exposition of data.

4. The separation of interface and implementation.


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